Empowering women, men, and teenagers with knowledge, education, and training on the safe use of firearms.





"I've never shot before and after I took the class from Visual Learn, I felt very confident in handling a firearm. Lots of hands on instructions before, during and after class. Never felt intimidated even though I am female! Women, take this class, you will love it!"





Julie - Aurora IL

"I recently attended Visual Learn’s IL Conceal Carry License Class.  The instructors, Jeff and Jose are very knowledgable and professional.  Having had limited prior experience, I was a bit apprehensive handling firearms.  I left the class feeling confident of being a safe and responsible firearm owner and citizen.  
I appreciate that safety was of utmost importance. Small class size was a positive, no getting lost in the shuffle.  There were no hidden fees.  The class included use of firearms and ammunition, making it a real value.  I highly recommend Visual Learning, and look forward to my continued education!"


Rose - Aurora IL

"I participated in the Visual Learning "Women Basics Firearm Training" class and was quite impressed with both the class content and our instructor, Jose. As a very new firearms owner I was in need of instruction and guidance with everything related to a firearm. Others in my class expressed the same. Our instructor was prepared for our level of training needs and extremely knowledgeable. He provided a number of visual aids as well as hands on training. I highly recommend Visual Learning for any training or courses you are seeking out."


Robyn - Aurora IL

"Thank you Visual Learn for the great Howard Leight electronic ear muffs. I met your rep at my local gun show and he informed me of your services and let me know about the contest for the ear muffs. He was very informative. Entering the contest was easy and it was great that you could enter as often as you like.
Thanks again !!." 


Greg - Aurora IL



"I definitely recommend Visual Learning "Basic Firearm Training" if you are a new gun owner or just need a refresher course. Our instructor, Jose, was extremely knowledgeable and supportive throughout the training. I was with a group of ladies who shared the same level of experience and Jose made sure that each one of us left the training more confident about our ability to use a firearm."





Joy - Geneva IL