• Distinct Visual Style

    Visual Learn, as the name implies, is much more about introducing visual teaching aids, equipment, with a hands-on atmosphere into all our classes.  It is our hope that when the class is over you have mastered classroom skills with balanced learning from the instructors sharing from their actual experiences, student interaction, and enjoyment from the active participation portion of the class.  We are honored for the opportunity our students allow us to enrich their minds,  heart, and passion with classes about safety, protection, and firearms..

  • Our Passion

    We pride ourselves on a strong commitment to thorough classroom preparation using visual objects, hands-on activities that reinforce the material taught in the classroom. We actively seek students to participate and be engaged in the classroom portion to ensure our students gain the necessary confidence, knowledge, and experience..

  • Our Focus

    Visual Learn is focused, dedicated, certified firearm instructors.  We offer passionate instructors who share their experiences to help educate men, women, and teenagers on firearms safety and firearm use.

  • State of the Art

    At Visual Learn we are constantly striving to incorporate the latest technology and visual-aids in our training..